The bunnies of Paradonx Farm

Chip likes to hang out with the chickens

Leela was turned in to the Humane Society with 14 others due to too many rabbits. She was a 'Hopeful Heart' which means she was there for a few months and would not be there much longer if not adopted. Seems people don't like the red eyes. Their loss is my gain because she is such a sweet bunn. She has the roam of the whole area rug in the family room. She is free to go in and out of her 'room' as she pleases. She only gets locked in her room at night. She owns the rug and preferres to keep the dogs off. When you enter the room she will run at me and stand there to greet me and be greeted back. On Saturday evening movie nights she will jump onto the futon with myself and the dogs and run around and play and ask to be petted. When the T.V. is on she will lay on 'her' rug and watch the travel shows.

Beauty (Leela)
Florida White Doe

Hamlett also came from the Humane Society. We got him a week after finding Leela. He was turned in as a stray. When I take him outside on his leash and put him on the ground, he just jumps right back up into my arms. He is 'Hamlett the Handful'. He is always looking for something to do. He likes to watch action and adventure movies. He was supposed to be a friend for Leela but she does not like him. Not that his 4' X 4' room is small, but when he comes out to visit with us I have to take him into the kitchen. Leela does not even like him on her rug. He will run around the kitchen area and play and beg for veggies when I cook. He likes to hide uder the chairs and nap on the fireplace shelf. He is a very funny little clown and a very messy bun. His room is always a disaster every morning before I clean it and put it back in order. See the befor and after pictures below.

Dutch Buck

Willow came from the Humane Society. I don't know her prior story but the one at Paradonx is a happy one. She shares her life here with Xzander. They are best friends. They spend most of the day out in the family room where they play and nap. Willow is a very regal bun. She has that sophisticated look in her eye and doesn't want to be messed with too much. Her coat is so black it has a blue shine to it. My beautiful bun. She likes to come over to socialize when I sit on the floor and is always glad to share any fruit or veggie I am eating. It makes me happy that she tolerates me hoding her for short periods. Willow loves to go outside on her leash. She dug a hole in our very large dirt pile one year and every time I took her out to it she would dig it a bit more and then lay in it looking out just like her picture. I will always miss my beautiful black Willow.

Havana Doe

Xzander came from the Humane Society with Willow. We went for one bunny and found Willow. Little did anyone know that Xzander was in the cage with her hiding behind her. All night after bringing Willow home we thought about the little brown bunny hiding behind her so I went back for him. I am so glad I did because they are a bonded pair. Xzander came right out of his shell and is such a little clown. I find him napping on the fireplace or the bookshelf, or even on the dresser sometimes. It's always play, play, play then flop down or stretch out in the middle of the floor and never too far from Willow. One night Xzander got out of his room and snuck into my son's room under his bed for the night. His fur is so soft. I will always miss my little funny guy.

Brown Sliver Buck

Chip was found in the desert with his family. I was not looking for another bunny but came across him, fell in love and adopted him. Being so small he could go many places with me. He loves being held. I have taken him to the grocery store in my purse when he was small and as an adult I can take him to the video store and horse shows with me. As long as he is in my arms he is happy. As a little guy he would sit on a wash cloth with his food and water on my desk as I worked. He also liked sitting on the window sill to look out. I have never known a bunny as friendly as Chip. He loves his back scratche and his ears rubbed. I can even hold him on his back in my arms like a baby and he is content. Cancer deprived Chip and I of a full life together. There is an emptiness in my heart that holds him memory. I will never know another bun like Chip.

Chocolate Chip
Unknown Breed Buck

Tibbar came from the horse arena. One morning I saw this little thing moving haphazzardly around the arena as the horses stared. I was amazed at what I saw. A little cottontail with his eyes not even open yet. He even bumped into a few trees. It was very easy to catch him. I bottle fed him every night until he opened his eyes and learned to eat grass. I had every intention of turning him back out where he belonged but despite my good intentions he became used to the dogs. He lives in the house but preferres to hide out in his room. When I do pick him up he likes to look out the windows and at the fish tank. Every night you can count on him to be sitting by his door waitig for his greens and treat. I will alwyas feel the emptiness that is left now that he is gone.

Cottontail Buck

Zxander, baby Chip, Willow

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