The Horses of Paradonx Farm

Cody is a 1994 AMHA Leopard Apaloosa Miniature Horse gelding and is 33.5 inches tall. When my son was born in 1997 I wanted a small horse I could walk while pushing the stroller. Cody was abused and didn't trust people. Another horse whom I knew needed to come home with me. He loves attention from our family and hiking in the desert with me. Although he does not trust anyone else, he will go anywhere with me and trust me enough to do anything I ask him.

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Indiana is a 2005 Dunalino BLM Mustang gelding. I met Indiana at a local BLM adoption. Something felt right about him. I made sure I was the highest bidder. His favorite thing to do is play with Boogie Man and destroy anything of mine. Indiana is learning dressage and how to focus at the task on hand as opposed to what everyone else is doing. His motto is 'Search and Destroy'. September 2011 he had major surgery that took 4 months of recovery, so now he is my most expensive horse!

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Boogie Man is a 2000 Black Missouri Foxtrotter gelding. He is learning dressage and how to be a better horse. His pet peeves are other horses near his humans. Boogie is a very willing guy who tries very hard at the task at hand. He is insulin resistant but his blood tests have been coming back with perfect levels since I started giving him some raw unfiltered apple cider with his meals as well as keeping him on a special diet.

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Cooper is a 1986 blanket Apaloosa gelding who has completely roaned out. He is a survivor. He was owned by an old cowboy who developed Alzheimers and would forget to feed Cooper. Finally his neighbors stepped in but Cooper was so malnurished that he had to be hospitalized. No body was sure if he was going to make it. I beleive he did becasue he is so strong willed. Cooper is never ridden due to his severly swayed back. He is also blind in one eye. He gets all around just fine and loves to run and play with the mini horses. He has been here at Paradonx since 2004 to live out the rest of his days in retirement.

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Rio is a 2005 cremello BLM Mustang mare. At the BLM adoption she stood in the back corner of the pen. She came up to my daughter and I and stood there with us until someone else came up. You could say she picked us. We do not ride Rio. She will keep any predator out of the yard. I watched her chase a bob cat. She will also stamp out a snake like the Black Stallion! She is the guardian of the yard. Her favorite past time is to sniff things. She will also pick up a stick from the yard and hold it in her mouth and draw and make lines in the dirt. We gave her a paint brush once and she painted on paper!

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Avalon is a 2009 AMHA tobiano Miniature Horse and is 31.5 inches tall. He is Cody's best friend. He had an extensive show and breeding career. Now he is semi-retired and only shows occasionaly at small local shows. He likes to go on walks and will pull a cart in a bitless bridle and no blinkers. He even participates in parades. Avalon is the leader despite of his size. He will keep his small band away from the other miniature horse band on the other side of the fence (my daughter's yard with her minis). Avalon is a very gentle soul who has a dark side. He likes to roll 55 gallon plastic barrels at the other horses and the fences!

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Nitro is a 2010 Solid Paint-Bred gelding. He is solid sorrel with only small socks and a blaze. He has a blue eye (paint horse trait) and two Bend Or spots (black spots) on his rear. He was started for mounted shooting. He is ridden by our son and will do jumping and dressage and will possibly show in hunter flat classes. So far he is a fantastic dressage or reiner prospect. He will get up and go, go, go when asked but is happy to slow down or stop. He is also very good at his dressage movements. He likes to hang out with Cooper and play with Rio but humans are his favorite.

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** I only had Knight a short 2 years. I found him at a rescue. He was extremely thin and had E.P.M. I brought him home so he could live his last years as a free horse with no worries. He took his medication daily but was too old and his nervous system was damaged. While he was with us he would run and play with Warrior and Cooper. He would look so happy running like he was racing free. He always liked to be groomed and petted and loved being in a herd situation. I didn't get to know Knight for very long but he will always hold a special place in my heart.

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*1994-2005* I met Andrew at the Mustang sanctuary, ISPMB. He was adopted out at a year old and roughed up. ISPMB was called to take this 'dangerous' horse or he would go to slaughter. At age two he came to Paradonx. He has an abcessed tooth. Once the vet fixed that he was real quick to trust us. We would trail ride through the streets and out in the deserts. He always trusted me out on trail. One trail ride through a military plane crash site most of the horses spooked like crazy. Some even dumped riders and ran away. Andrew stayed level headed with me and we were one of the only ones to stay together as a team. I felt there wasn't anything I couldn't do with Andrew! I rode him while pregnant until my 9th month I could not climb up on him. He became blind in his left eye. Sadly I lost him to Cushings at a young age. I will always love and miss Andrew.

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*1980-2011* I met War at the Mustang sanctuary, ISPMB. After being rounded up War was adopted out and badly abused. The rescue took him and fostered him out only to find out that his foster home was also abusive! I was about to adopt a little mare from the rescue when I saw War standing by himself facing the corner. Immediately I knew I needed to adopt him instead. It took the rescue 4 hours to load him in a big stock trailer then bring him to me. After I gained his trust he has, by far, been the best horse I have ever known. In the 19 years we had together I had never really ridden War. I sat on him and walked around my property. I had always walked him in hand around the desert and in our neighborhood. He loved seeing new things. He was 31 when I lost him to cancer. I will always love and miss Warrior, my first horse.

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Missy is a 2004 AMHA red roan mare and is 27.5 inches tall. Missy is Cody's girlfriend. Missy was originally boarded here and bonded with Cody. When her owner could no longer keep her she was given to Cody. She has a very petite build. She likes to go for walks and stand in her food dish to eat. She is not interested in jumping or anything foolish like showing but she does enjoy dress-up. She will happily wear anything you put on her. Missy changes color. In winter she a cinnamon color all over and when she sheds she turns a creamy white except her face and 'points'. When she is show clipped she is a silver.

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