The Ewes of Paradonx Farm

Schmetterling just sheared and in her new collar - pink with cupcakes on it

Polly shows off her new pajamas. (It got cold right after they were sheared)

It's hard to get a picture of Cupcake without her walking up and putting her face in the camera

Polly is a 2003 Anerican Miniature Cheviot ewe. She could no longer be kept and cared for by her owner. Polly and Butterfly were advertized for sale and were going to be purchased for meat. Something made me call to see if they were still for sale and they were sold to me instead. They will live here at Paradonx and groom the pasture for the rest of their lives without worry. They are inseperable friends. I don't know that they will ever fully trust me but I am happy that they will let me touch and dress them when I need to.

Frosty Creek Polly
American Miniature Cheviot

Butterfly is a 2005 Anerican Miniature Cheviot ewe. Miniature Cheviots are promoted as the ideal hobby farm wool and pet sheep. They produce soft, dense, low-grease wool. Miniature Cheviots fiber a favorite with handspinners. In addition, their hardiness, ease of handling, and sprightly personalities make Miniature Cheviots ideal small-farm pet sheep. The Miniature Cheviot is not a true miniature as it never selected for reduced size. Instead, it's the old-time Cheviot as the Cheviot breed appeared until it was bred up to modern standards. Butterfly has very dense soft fiber.

Desert Wind Schmetterling

American Miniature Cheviot

Cupcake is a 2013 female lamb. Most people come home from the state fair with a goldfish. We came home with a sheep. We went to the state fair when they were showing the sheep. We watched Cupcake show her class. I chose her to win but she didn't. She was too small and petite. I found her in her pen afterwards and fell in love. She is the sweetest most attention craving sheep. She loves to be scratched and have the grass picked out of her fiber. She wags her tail when she sees me, when I pet her, and when I give her treats. Just don't make her angry. She will jump, buck, kick, and throw a little fit. And at only 39 pounds I can easily pick her up, which she does not mind. She rode home in the back seat of our pickup in my daughters lap. She has long 8" super soft fiber!

C.A.P. Cupcake


I had to make Polly a plain white blanket. Cupcake does not like the stripes. She attacks Polly if she is wearing the stripes.

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